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honesto Interviews

Get inspired by the fascinating interviews made with our special guests!

How to avoid mistakes in crypto custody!

This podcast is all about cryptocurrency custody. Joining us are Christoph Huwiler, YouTube creator at honest AG, Steve Müller, Lead Search Analytics at honestAG, and our special guest Marc Steiner.

Discussion by bitcoin maximalists.

Tobias Kress, CTO and partner of honesto AG, has a conversation with Sunnydecree, a YouTuber who specializes in bitcoin fundamentals and technical analysis. Although both are Bitcoin maximalists, their views on regulation differ. Check out our video on @honestoAG. Tune in and share your thoughts in the comments.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kilian Zehnder!

Kilian Zehnder is a professional skateboarder from Switzerland. Besides international competitions, he also runs his own brand and teaches skateboarding to young people. Kilian's growing interest in investing and entrepreneurship led him to explore the crypto industry. In this interview, Kilian gives a deeper insight into his crypto journey and why he chose honesto as his trusted trading platform.

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