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Discover a company that goes beyond providing top-notch services - the honesto team ensures a delightful experience for its users.

honesto AG

We have one goal:
To help 20 million people safely bring their crypto assets into Switzerland and protect them without risking their valuable property. A new way without fear -.

The most trusted crypto trading app in Switzerland.

Our executive team

Sanela Lüscher

Tobias Kress

Steve Müller

Sandro Gübeli

Melih Yeni
Head of Sales

Laila Ben Hamou

Content Creator / Compliance

Alessandro Arba

Art Director

Christoph Huwiler

YouTube Creator/Coin Strategist

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And safeguard your wealth for future generations. Our mission is to assist 20 million individuals in securely managing and protecting their crypto assets while preserving their valuable property. With us, you'll experience more than just a crypto app.

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