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About us



  • 2019

· honesto AG (Switzerland) founded
· honesto AG (Liechtenstein) founded



  • 2020

· Setup approved
· Announcement of partnership with Incore Bank
· App development

Test Campaign

  • 2021

· Tests and introduction
· Partnership with IDnow / Intrum
· Partnership with BDO
· Expansion of the team and new hires
· Honesto is recognized as one of the best fintech companies
· Q4: Start


Full Campaign

  • 2022

· User interface improvements
· Additional features, functions and services
· Compelling marketing and branding campaigns
· International expansion

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About us

Dr. iur. Hans Kuhn LL.M.

“Honesto has developed a unique product with a very innovative technical and operational setup with excellent partners like InCore Bank. No one has done this before.”

Partner and co-founder of DALAW Digital Assets Legal Advisors and expert in fintech and blockchain law.

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Lucas Betschart

“The design of the honesto app is lean, brilliant and has the potential to change the industry.”

President Bitcoin Association Switzerland; CEO & Founder 21 Analytics.

About us

Mark Dambacher

“InCore Bank is among the first established financial services providers in the world to recognize the potential of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and investment tokens. We are convinced that the Honesto app meets a great need and that there is a corresponding demand in the market.”

CEO InCore Bank Inc.

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