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Store and trade your cryptos securely with the honesto wallet.

honesto and Swiss law are here to protect you and your assets! When you entrust your assets to honesto, we go the extra mile to provide you with the highest level of security. Your assets are secured in Switzerland, a country renowned for its strict financial regulations and stability.

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Official TVTG registration of honesto AG.

A significant milestone for us: honesto AG was officially registered under the TVTG law by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) on October 16th. This underscores our commitment to safety, innovation, and expanding our services in the digital asset domain. Our team and partners worked hard for this achievement, and we look forward to the opportunities it brings to us and our clients. We are optimistic about upcoming EU regulations and the future.

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The honesto savings plan is here.

Grab the 50% discount on transaction fees for an unbeatable six months!

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Permanent access

Experience permanent access to the best conditions at any time. Our app provides round-the-clock access to over 20 exchanges, ensuring you get the best possible price automatically

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Swiss bank custody

Secure your assets with the Swiss bank custody provided by InCore Bank AG. Your assets are held and reinsured without any lending or unauthorized use, offering you the security you deserve.

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20 crypto exchanges

Enjoy the benefits of our app that automatically finds the best price from over 20 crypto exchanges, maximizing the value of your assets.

Experience Swiss Quality with honesto!

Discover why choosing honesto is the right decision for your crypto journey.

Swiss app wallet:

Set up a Swiss account for all your assets within minutes.

Swiss safekeeping:

Custody and reinsure your assets with our hybrid solution.

Permanent access

Enjoy unlimited access to over 20 crypto exchanges.

Set up in minutes

Get started in just a few minutes with the honesto Trading App, the first Swiss trading platform for digital assets that provides you with the full protection of a Swiss bank. Create an account, make a bank transfer, and start buying and selling.


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